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  • Release Date:              09/31/19  
  • Developer:                         Digiart   Interactive,                   N -Fusion Interactive
  • Platforms:                    PC/Steam, Xbox One,           PS4, Nintendo Switch
  • Website:    www.alunagame.com
  • Price:                                  $19.99
  • ESRB:                                       10+
  • Contact:  Info@digiartinteractive.com


Aluna is a single player top-down Action-RPG that has a story mode that takes the main character, Aluna, on an adventure in the South American jungle in the 1500s. Meant to be replayable, we will feature a New Game+ mode that allows you to replay the story again and again, carrying your character progress through each play through. A single play through will take around 10 hours, and it is expected players will replay the game 3 or 4 times to reach max level and get the best equipment.


Hot off her comedy hit movie “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”,  award-winning Actress/Producer Paula Garces  ( can currently be seen on 2021 most streamed Netflix’s hit comedy “ON MY BLOCK” ), visit to San Diego Comic Con sparked her creative juices when she saw a lack of representation of Female/Hispanic Superheroes in comic books.  It didn’t take long for her and her business partner ( Antonio Hernandez ) to co create and head back to Con the following year, with the first issue of their new superhero comic book titled “ALUNA“.   

It was tricky in creating a character that all Hispanics can relate to, so Garces /Hernandez decided to go back into history and have her origins begin in the 16th Century where it all began.  This was a time where the America’s didn’t have any borders and the mysticism of the indigenous people, til this day stands. 

Who is Aluna 

Aluna is a Demi God, the Daughter of the indigenous goddess  Pachamama (mother of earth) and a Spanish Sailor (Francisco Cortes). Aluna harnesses the powers and secrets of Earth inside her. Her powers come alive when a magical gem ( a piece of many shards scattered around the world that contain the powers of Pachamama ) that carries her mother’s heart and energy is placed around her neck. This awakens her Goddess DNA hidden deep inside her. Aluna’s gem is the center piece and the most powerful of all the scattered shards. When Aluna is energized all the lost pieces are also energized and those who find them also find Aluna.  She  must protect it from all who try to take it.

Aluna Comes to Life as a hero on Heroes of Newerth

In 2011 Aluna became an avatar on the online game HEROES OF NEWERTH where she became one of their most chosen heroes around the world (chosen for play 90k  a day ).

The Aluna books rebooted with iconic Video Game writers

In 2018 The Comic Books were re-booted and co written by the writers of Assassins Creed, Batman Origins under the new title “THE WORLD OF ALUNA” Published by Tidal Wave Comics.


  • Based on the comic books ( The World Of Aluna ) from the writer’s of Assassin’s Creed & Batman: Arkham Origins.
  • Familia action play to Heroes of Newerth where Aluna is a popular avatar with millions of players.
  • Explore a vast landscape filled with dense jungles, majestic beaches, and towering cliffs. Conquer three deadly dungeons, each with an epic boss battle at the end.
  • Gear up with over 50 types of weapons and armor from the Old World (Spanish Empire) and New World (South America).
  • Customize Aluna’s fighting style by unlocking up to 50 powerful magical abilities.
  • Go on amazing adventures with Aluna’s memorable companions: Antonio, Warakusi, and Qiang.
  • Collect, craft, and trade 100s of unique items and loot.
  • Defeat frightening boss creatures inspired by South American lore.
  • 25 Hours Fast paced Action Role-Playing gameplay (ARGP)

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